The beauty of ice on the window.

The beauty of ice on the window.

…Until our last frost date. Am I going to make it, I wonder? Oh sure, physically I’ll probably get through – there is all that snow to shovel which keeps me mobile. It’s my mental state I’m concerned about. Word around town is that this is the coldest, snowiest, darkest winter we’ve had in 20 years…and I’m worried I’m starting to experience syptoms of the dire condition we in Canada know as being ‘shackwacked’, which, in my case, means drinking too much, eating too much, shopping too much, turning on ALL the lights in the house in an effort to chase away the gloom (figuratively and literally) and, basically consuming too much and producing too little.

But as I watched a neighbor push another neighbor’s car out of an icy snow rut for the umpteenth time this season, I realized that I am not alone – all gardeners who can’t garden year-round are experiencing this aimlessness, this frustration, this desperation! So maybe, if I share what I am doing to keep my sanity intact until I can get my fingers in the soil again, I won’t feel so unproductive, and maybe you can share what keeps your sanity intact and together we’ll pull ourselves out of this icy snow rut.

Let’s start with yesterday…

I’m a huge fan of CBC Radio (I’m listening to Radio 2 right now as I write this post) and listen to it during the week on that ancient thing called a radio, and then catch up on programs I missed online. While I love TV and could, technically, be called an addict to it, let’s face it, it’s not a medium designed to make you think. CBC Radio, on the other hand, allows me glimpses into other countries, other cultures, other minds – it keeps me from feeling isolated and insulated from other people which is very important during a season when it’s all too easy to burrow inside the house (and under the covers).

Weekday mornings usually start with Radio 2 Morning with Bob Mackowycz, a music program that features a fair amount of Canadians, until it’s time for The Current on Radio 1, a current events show that delves into national and global issues. After that, I sometimes listen to Q, a pop culture program that can have me feeling my age and questioning why no one sees that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes (is anyone else familiar with old fairy tales not co-opted by Disney and Pixar?). (Oops, another symptom is irrational ranting!) The afternoons have me flipping back to Radio 2 and listening to Drive with Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65), another music show that plays tunes I can bop to while cooking dinner (dancing is another important technique I use to shake off the shackwhack but more on that another time).

The weekends start with Radio 2 Morning with Molly Johnson, a Canadian singer with the best laugh you’ve ever heard and excellent taste in music (at least, I think so). And then I catch up on all the shows I missed during the week, specifically…

The Age of Persuasion – Terry O’Reilly hosts a clever and witty show about how we are sold stuff…Ideas (and its lighter version, Ideas In the Afternoon) – but only when I’m feeling deeply introspective and highly intelligent…Spark – a show about technology that’s understandable for people who, like myself, are technologically-challenged…Tapestry – an exploration of faith and disbelief…White Coat, Black Art – an emergency room doctor hosts a show highlighting issues facing our healthcare system.

And when that’s all been covered, I go online to Radio 3 (head’s up – this link will automatically play music which can be startling if you’re not expecting it) where a bunch of Canadian artists have uploaded their music, and I tinker with my playlists.

I just re-read that list and realized it’s pretty overwhelming if you’re not familiar with any of those shows. So, to give you someplace to start, here’s my favorite from this week, Spark’s Nora Young interviews Guy Kawasaki on his new book, Enchantment. Prepare to be inspired!



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Dan Misener

Dan here, from the Spark team. Thanks so much for the kind words about our show. We’re definitely in good company on your list! Thanks for listening.


Dan, I can’t say enough good things about Spark! You make this techno-Luddite feel like the world isn’t passing her by :)

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