After much hemming and hawing, I decided to try out an Ikea heavy duty storage system for starting my seeds indoors.  We have a blank area in our kitchen that, at the moment is the catchall space for the recycling, beer-making paraphenalia, a stepstool, and whatever other flotsam and jetsom eddies into it – it could do with some kind of organizing and I’ve planned on incorporating all of it into the plant growing shelving unit.

I need to add another shoplight to the shelf to make sure the plants get enough light.

I need to add another shoplight to the shelf to make sure the plants get enough light.

I decided on the Broder system because it looked like it could handle the weight of many potted seedlings, would allow me to adjust shelf heights and quantities as needed, wouldn’t be afraid of a little water, wouldn’t drain my piggy bank, and my husband keeps suggesting that perhaps I’d like to gift it to him so I know if I get tired of it, it won’t go to waste.

It can be a bit problematic to move the shelves around – definitely a two-person job – and the shelves are slightly warped but there are two things I always expect with Ikea – cheap price and, as long as you squint, it looks good.  And, for those of you who quibble about having to put Ikea furniture together, hire yourself a couple of preschoolers – my 5- and 3-year-old nephews had the pieces unpacked, and the shelves and feet put together in less than an hour (although there was much fighting over whose turn it was to use the screwdriver, making me long for a screwdriver of the alcoholic kind).

For the price of a few cents over $180, I’m pleased with the shelving; it’s flexible and fits in with my urban aesthetic (although maybe not the slightly country 70’s sensibilities of our rental kitchen) – I don’t think my husband will be getting his hands on it anytime soon.

Trying to coordinate the shelving with my traditional dining room chairs.

A view into the dining room.

A view into the tiny kitchen.

A view into the tiny kitchen.












Posted Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 7:49 am
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Responses to “Seed Starting: The Shelving”


Oh wow! I’m green with envy! What a great place to have some indoor herbs too. Imagine, you need some basil while you are cooking and don’t even have to go outside to get it!
.-= Kara´s last blog ..How to Make Folded Newspaper Pots =-.


Thanks, Kara! I took even longer than usual to make a decision on what to use because the shelves were going to be so visible. And I’m on the same page as you when it comes to growing herbs indoors…imagine the snow swirling around outside and I’m snipping thyme and basil for a pizza :-)


It looks fantastic … I would love something like it! I was thinking the same as Kara … great for growing herbs indoors. Your nephews and yourself did a great job!!


Thanks, Bernie! There was also a 4-month-old nephew present…we believe in getting them interested in gardening early 😉


That looks great! For me it did not work because the sun was too strong and all herbs grow too fast. So for the last years I wait until the first herbs grow in my garden: today I can pick the first bunch of chives for a fresh herb butter. Regards from Germany; sunny today, 53°F, Marcel


Thanks, Marcel! I used Google to translate your blog post and, while the translation was nowhere near perfect, I can see that you’re now seeing signs of spring. I wish that was the case here…we just had some more snow last night :-)

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